Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Updates / Web Comic Spotlight

I definitely need to update this more regularly.  A lot has happened over the past few weeks in my web-comic endeavors.

First off, I pulled the trigger and began updating Crowded Void.  This was a big move on my part as I had only been updating once a week.  This will force me to work harder and faster on comic production.  This is a good thing as it will help develop my skills even more while providing more content to the reader.

Second, I started a reading group to preview and bounce ideas off of.  Right now it consists of one other person, but she's always helpful in her critiques and usually catches my typos and inconsistencies.

Lastly, I created a Facebook Page for Crowded Void to help promote my site even more.  We'll see how that works out.

Now, my next objective is to do a periodic Web Comic Spotlight where I talk about the different comics I read on a regular basis and provide links so others can read them..  I think it will help boost some web traffic to other sites and maybe even help me get some new visitors.  Who knows.

So now that Crowded Void's web presence is increasing, we'll see what happens.  There are multiple ways to get in contact with me if you want to provide comments, reviews, support, death threats, etc.  (Please keep the last one to a minimum if possible).  Below is a good index of where you can find me at:

Crowded Void - The Comic Series:  http://crowdedvoid.thecomicseries.com (hosted by ComicFury.com)
Crowded Void - The email address:  crowdedvoidcomic@gmail.com
Crowded Void - The Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/crowdedvoidcomic

I can also be contacted via the forums on ComicFury.com, who, for now, provide the hosting for me until I can get my own web presence off the ground.

Thanks again to my readers, it definitely helps to know that someone out there is reading it.